2 Way Valve

2-way valve is any type of valve with two ports an inlet and an outlet port, typically labeled “A” and “AB” respectively. Two way valves are used in many applications, from basic on/off to more complex variable flow applications with pumps and VFDs.

The Two Way valve is characterized by two ports. The valve is normally defined by its kvs [m3/h] value, which expresses the volume of water that passes through the fully open valve in 1 hour with a pressure differential of 1 bar.
In a mixing loop, the 2-way control valve can be used to control and regulate heating or cooling surfaces, radiator systems, floor heating, cooling etc. A 2-way valve can also be used as a shut-off valve.
A 2-way valve can either be actuated manually or by electrical, pneumatic or thermal actuators.
Panchal Smith offers Two Way Valve in various specifications and dimension, these are available in range of ½ and 1 Inch.